Dear Customer Service Employees

Get your retail customers posting about how great you are! It's easy! Look for customers with kids or who are shopping for a special occasion … It does not matter what you sell, people buy things for a million reasons and some of them are celebrations so ask! “Wow! This looks like a special occasion…

Get your retail customers posting about how great you are! It's easy!

Look for customers with kids or who are shopping for a special occasion …

It does not matter what you sell, people buy things for a million reasons and some of them are celebrations so ask!

“Wow! This looks like a special occasion blouse or basket, car, tennis racquet, pair of sneakers, pen or bracelet. to know is to ask. Then focus on the celebration.

Another example, a customer is food shopping or in a home-good section and picking out item that would be used for a romantic dinner or picnic. Could this be preparation for an anniversary or fist date? Ask! “Wow, there is one lucky person in your life. Is it an anniversary?” or “Are you shopping for a first date or do you always cook like this?”

The new way of selling focuses on relationships. No one wants to be “Sold” anymore and focusing your attention on up-selling or suggesting companion products without knowing your customer or why she is shopping will cost you money in the long run.

In the new retail environment we focus on building relationships instead.

“Wow, first date or do you always cook like that?” Pointing to her shopping basket and smiling. She will either tell you or ignore you for a few minutes. Either way you did not ask a closed ended question that could result in a “No.” (“Can I help you find something?” – Translation “Can you help me sell you things you do not need?” “I Do not know you and you are probably going to try to sell me things I do not need. “)

If she ignores you it's OK. Just casually mention that you'll be around if she wants to know the special deals in LeeAnne's department, you will be more than happy to oblige. ”

She may open up right away and say it's a 1st date, anniversary or she that just loves cooking. This is awesome because she has just revealed something to you so respond in kind. Tell her something about you or ask how she met the other person or where she learned to cook then add to the conversation plus gushing a little with some “wow, congratulations” or “that's amazing.” Then maybe tell a story about a first date, learning to cook, anniversary surprise etc. and let her know that you know of a few things in the department that may be perfect for her “vision” or “celebration” but that you know it has to be “just right.” Then before you go say, “Oh! We should Instagram this!” Pause, she will be confused, thinking, “Take pictures of what exactly?” She is thinking. Then say, “You should do Before, During and After pictures or video as another anniversary gift (or and you'll have it for next celebration if the first date is a success!”)

“Yes, I'll take a few of you with your basket, maybe holding up the main course, or card, maybe a picture at check-out. spread & card, maybe empty plates afterward. Happy date or husband. So cute! ”

This is the new way of selling: creating added value for seemingly no personal gain. It may take a minute or two to sink in but she will either hand you her phone to take pictures of her or you will see her taking pictures of her own basket. Either way you win. You just wrote, directed and produced a commercial where she and her endeavors are the stars and you're your store's products are the co-stars. It is a completely new focus so give yourself and your customers time to get comfortable not being “sold” but rather celebrating and posting.

Celebrate your customers do not Sell-A-Break them.

They will appreciate your forward thinking and celebrate you in return in ways you can not even begin to image!

So she has a picture or two with her phone (or you see her taking pictures of the store's products with your fabulous idea in mind. .) So when she has you take the picture tell her you do it conditionally, the first one is “her way” the second one is yours and wherever one comes out best goes on our Facebook page. “Then laugh. love the pictures you can even mention me as your personal photographer on our FB page. “Or something to that effect.)

Ding ding ding! You win! Now she is going to ask you for your name! “Now is the perfect time to say,” Oh, my name is LeeAnne and yours? ”

This is where you say your name probably again because you mentioned it when you first spoke to her but this time she will actually be listening and trying to remember it.

Now, her first picture will be pleasantly put but nothing to write home about, now the second one is your way and she is expecting to get some direction so have fun with this. Have her do something cute. Use your imagination but maybe she could hold up the card she is going to buy and point or point to all the things in her basket etc. Get creative she will really appreciate it. (This can also be the scenario you would offer a mom with kids shopping for a special occasion. like, “Wow it looks like you are picking out something for someone really special!”)

Now make sure you gush a little bit because you are really happy for your new customer's anniversary. Ask how they met, how did she know he was the one? What is she going to wear & is she excited? Really listen and share stories. Do not sell. You may be creating a relationship with someone who will send in each one of her friends to request to shop with you personally. If the opportunity presents itself, introduce her to your manager or boss as an alternative in case you are not available and she forgot something or needs something in the future. “Oh, Mark, I want you to meet my super sweet customer Victoria.” She is very important to me so if she needs anything I told her that you would have it flown to her house by helicopter within 4 minutes. ” Everyone will laugh but the point that you will make your boss go above and beyond for her will make her feel really good and more connected to the store.

Now you've completed your boss, completed your new customer, your boss is aware of you and your desire to create repeat customers. Your boss knows this is your customer, Victoria knows two people in the store which makes her twice as kindly to choose to shop with you every time! She knows your name and you know hers, which makes it likely that your changes will all be more pleasant than with a customer who you do not know at all. Victoria is one step closer to posting pictures of the stores products and completing you online and referring friends to shop with you personally

Can you believe you did all of this by noticing what the customers in your store are buying? It is amazing how much opportunity exists in the very same room where others see none.

Now go buy a composition book and start filling with the names and descriptions of people who are going to get you more sales, promotions, bonuses, referrals and make their eight hour day seem like four!

Would not you like greet your customers by name? Be seen opening doors for them, shaking their hands and treating them like old friends? Well guess what. Your customers and boss would like that too! And when you do those things you will take home much more than a paycheck!